Welcome Back

Tonight we are beyond proud to support Seattle Opera in their welcome back concert tonight at Fisher Pavilion.

As we all face the unknown of the delta variant coupled with a return to live entertainment in these trying times our industry continues to teeter on the brink. Over the past few weeks we’ve seen multiple “come back shows” in many genres. At the same time we’re seeing just as many cancellations.

Out of all the talented and amazing producers we work with who are doing their absolute best to keep everyone safe, The Seattle Opera is definitely holding the torch and leading the way. This has been, hands down the most Covid conscious and safe production we’ve been a part of since we left the drive in.

May The Seattle Opera be the beacon of guidance we all need to prove that we can keep live entertainment safe in these tumultuous times. Other producing entities, please take note.https://facebook.com/events/s/welcome-back-concert-die-walku/513844309930110/

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