Thing NW Festival 2023

R90 Lighting returned to Port Townsend this past August providing lighting support for Thing Festival. We supplied the lighting for the main stage, as well as the Jeremiah Green stage, the KEXP stage, and all of the site lighting.

Additionally, this stop was where Fleet Foxes wrapped up their tour that we provided direct lighting support to with designer and LD Ali Blue Allison . Ali designed the floor package for Fleet Foxes and LD’d their tour with a ground package consisting of CHAUVET Professional STRIKE Array 2, ELATION Lighting Inc. Artiste Picasso, GLP German Light Products – Impression X4 Bar 20s, and GLP JDC-1s.

The main stage was designed and led by our resident egg enthusiast and production coordinator Rachid Schultz. Kegan Manker seconded the build. LD duties were handled by Trevor Weidenbacher

The main stage rig was illuminated with CHAUVET Professional STRIKE Array 2, Chauvet Color STRIKE M, ELATION Lighting Inc. Proteus Rayzor 760, and Elation Color Chorus 48

The Littlefield Green Stage was designed by our resident physical therapy aficionado and lighting designer Davis Alexander, assembled to perfection by Levi Plumb and seconded by Maryalice Weed . LD duties were handed over to Tristan Van Der Heyden.

The Jeremiah Green rig consisted of ELATION Lighting Inc. Artiste Davinci, Elation Sixbar 1000, Elation ZW37, CHAUVET Professional STRIKE Array 2, ROBE Lighting Spikie, and ADJ Lighting Encore LP7IP

Site lighting was handled by Ryan Dunn with an arsenal of ELATION Lighting Paladin Panel, ADJ Lighting LP7IP, and Blizzard Lighting, LLC Hotbox 5.

It was great to be back supporting this iconic local festival. Big thanks to Seattle Theatre Group for having us back this year!

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