These Tiny Pars Pack a Huge Punch

Ready for summer? Outdoor events call for outdoor fixtures.

We just took delivery on our new ADJ Encore LP7IP RGBL LED par.

Now, normally there’s not much to brag about when you buy some IP rated LED pars… but hear me out. These are smaller than an ELAR par, but brighter with 20w chips at 2500lm. They pack a punch.

The RGBL chipset means truer whites at a higher CRI.

They are IP rated but have done away with cable tails! Direct panel mount True1 throughs and 5pin XLR! What a time to be alive!!!

Our favorite part?…. The 25deg frost lens is easily removable to give a tight 10deg beam. This punchy fixture makes a perfect truss warmer or a descent front wash for short throws.

(100) now available for rental.

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