Returning to a Feeling of Normality

Us here at R90 Lighting have been incredibly busy considering the pandemic is still impacting the entertainment industry with a vengeance. We’re not back to normal quite yet, but we are seeing quite a few rentals come through, which is making it difficult to finish rebuilding the shop while we rush to remodel. We’ve recently added approximately 3500 additional sqft to our warehouse! More room to store stuff! More room to count in your poorly wrapped cables! More room for prepping large shows! More room to add new toys! More room to convert into less room!

We’ve recently added the ROBE lighting lighting Spikie to our rental line. Additionally, today we added another new eye candy fixture. Much to the shegrin of our operations tzar James McKenna, we took up a bit of space to unbox and test our new P1-mini’s from Portman Lights. Anyone looking for a fresh look for their next live stream, take note! Rachid Schultz is taking the Portmans down to Portland on Thursday to add a little extra sparkle to Darcelle XV Showplace’s Drive in Drag with our friends at Treadway Events & Entertainment. Stay positive, entertainment industry. The light at the end of the tunnel grows larger in view each day.

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