R90 Lighting stocks an extensive range of premium lighting consoles from the industry’s leading brands. Our inventory includes consoles from brands such as GrandMA, ChamSys, and Hog, to name a few. These consoles are designed to provide reliable, flexible, and intuitive control over lighting systems, and are equipped with advanced features such as fixture control, color mixing, dimming, and more. Our lighting consoles are suitable for a wide range of event types, including concerts, theater performances, corporate events, and trade shows, and can be programmed and operated to suit the specific needs of each event. With clear and concise user interfaces, our lighting consoles are easy to use, and are capable of handling large numbers of fixtures and channels, making them perfect for complex and large-scale events. Contact us for more information on our rental inventory and how we can support your next event with our lighting consoles from the leading brands in the industry. Please click on an item displayed below for detailed technical specs and user manuals: