Rigging / Ground Support / Staging

We offer full rigging equipment rentals in the Seattle area. We carry Tomcat, Global Truss, and Arcofab truss in a variety of sizes. CM Lodestar, CM Prostar, and Show Distribution Tour Rig electric chain motors and motor distros and controllers. We also carry ST-20 and ST-25 Genie Super Towers. Our steel base plates come in both 30"x30" steel plates and 20.5"x20.5" steel plates. Base plates have optional threaded pipe attachments for constructing pipe trees. Full rigging accessories available including assorted lengths of Wire Rope, Deck Chain, GAC Flex slings, 2-Ton Beam Clamps, Shackles, Verlocks, and Truss Skirts

Tomcat Core Truss 12"

Tomcat Core Truss 12″ 1024

Tomcat Core Truss 20.5"

Tomcat Core Truss 20.5″ 1024

Thomas Pre-Rig Truss

Thomas Supertruss 1024

Tyler GT Truss

Rigging / Ground Support / Staging

Global Truss F32 Ladder Truss

Global Truss F32 1024

Global Truss DT-Quick Grid

Global Truss DT-Quick Grid

Global Truss F31 Single Tube

Global Truss F31 Single Tube Truss

Electric Chain Motors

CM Lodestar

Genie Super Tower

Genie Super Tower ST-20

Staging Concepts SC90

Staging Concepts SC90

Staging Concepts Barricade

Staging Concepts Barricade

Matthews Triple Riser Stand

Hollywood Combo Triple Riser Stand

Matthews High Roller Stand

Matthews Hi-Hi Overhead Roller Stand

American Grip C-Stand


Steel/Aluminum Pipe

Steel Lighting Pipe 1024

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