Pixel Mapping

R90 Lighting specializes in creating intense pixel mapped stage designs. We offer a full line of pixel mapping lighting fixtures in the Seattle lighting rental market and beyond, capable of meeting any size show requirements while creating a truly dynamic visual experience. Please click on an item displayed below for detailed technical specs and user manuals:

GLP Impression X4 Bar 20

GLP X4 Bar 20 1024


GLP JDC1 1024

Chauvet Color STRIKE M

Chauvet Color Strike M

Astera AX1 PixelTube

Astera AX1 PixelTube 1024

Portman P1 Mini

Portman P1 Mini

Elation Paladin Panel

Elation Paladin Panel

Megalite Bright Stripe

Mega Bright Stripe 1024

Elation Sixbar 1000

Elation Sixbar 1000 1024

Elation Color Chorus 48

Elation Color Chorus 48 1024

Showtec Sunstrip Active

Pixel Mapping

Elation Cuepix Panel 5

Elation Cuepix Panel 1024

Blizzard COBzilla

Blizzard COBzilla 1024

OmniSistem Colorblinder 150

OmniSistem Colorblinder 150

Orbisfly Kinetic Orb & Winch

Orbisfly 1024

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