Lighting Consoles

We offer a number of lighting console options for your show needs. R90 Lighting is an authorized dealer of Chauvet / Chamsys MagicQ lighting consoles in Washington State. We also offer Avolites, GrandMA, and Jands consoles. Please click on an item displayed below for detailed technical specs and user manuals:

grandMA3 Full Size

grandMA3 Full Size

grandMA3 Light

grandma 3 light

grandMA2 Full Size

grandMA2 Full 1024

grandMA2 Light

grandMA 2 Lite 1024

grandMA2 Command Wing

grandMA2 onPC Command Wing 1024

HES Full Boar 4

Full Boar 4

HES Road Hog 4-21

Road Hog 4-21

Chamsys MQ500 Stadium

Chamsys MQ500 1024

Chamsys MQ80

Chamsys MQ80 1024

Chamsys MQ50

Chamsys MQ50

Chamsys MQ200

Chamsys MQ200

Chamsys Maxi Wing

Chamsys Maxi Wing 1024

Chamsys Extra Wing

Chamsys Extra Wing 1024

Chamsys Mini Wing

Chamsys Mini Wing 1024

Avolites Tiger Touch II

Avolites Tiger Touch II 1024

Jands Stage CL

Jands Stage CL 1024

LightShark LS Core

LightShark LS Core 1024

Elation SDC12

Elation SDC12

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