Conventionals and Follow Spots

R90 Lighting offers a range of follow spots, which are lighting fixtures used in live events, concerts, and theatrical productions to highlight a specific performer on stage. Our rental inventory includes a range of follow spots in different sizes and specifications, allowing customers to choose the best option for their specific needs. The follow spots are designed for ease of use and provide bright, focused lighting that can be precisely aimed at a performer. Our rental inventory provides a convenient and cost-effective solution for customers who need follow spots for a temporary event or production.

Please click on an item displayed below for detailed technical specs and user manuals:

Robe PATT 2013

Conventionals and Follow Spots
750w conventional lamp retro fixture.

Lycian Superstar Followspot

Lycian 1281 Superstar
1000w LED followspot.

Lycian ZOT LED Followspot

Lycian Zot LED
350w LED followspot.

R.J. Korrigan Followspot

Conventionals and Follow Spots
1200w HMI followspot.

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