KMFDM – Let Go 2024 Tour

This year marks the 11th year running that industrial juggernaut KMFDM has invited R90 Lighting out with them to illuminate the Ultra Heavy Beat and we couldn’t be prouder of the show that we produced! Promoting their 23rd studio album, Let Go, KMFDM traversed the US showcasing a selection of KMFDM classics as well as a handful of new songs off of their latest release.

Longtime KMFDM lighting director and pepperoni Hot Pocket enthusiast James McKenna has a history of taking “whatever is lying around on the shelf” and designing shows out of them that make a statement. This year’s tour was no exception. With a design philosophy of “how big is the trailer?”, the floor package required some T.A.R.D.I.S. grade engineering in order to break down for transport in a bus trailer, while maintaining the ability to be assembled in a little over an hour with 4 hands. Master Electrician and part-time ferret impersonator Megan Moelhman expertly engineered the rig to be as effortless as possible when building.

The floor package consisted of Showtec Sunstrips (we lied about retiring them. Not sorry), Chauvet ColorSTRIKE Ms, Blizzard Hotboxes, GLP X4 Washes, Robe Pointes, Elation Sixbar 1000s, Elation Paladin Panels, OmniSistem 2-Light Blinders, Chauvet Geysers, and Chauvet Ovation F-95WWs. The visual onslaught was programmed and operated on a ChamSys MQ500M.

Described as both “obnoxious” and “impressive” by Spill Magazine, we feel it’s one of the cooler light shows for a bus and trailer sized tour.

Check out the photos and clips of the show below!

Professionally shot and live mixed by our friends Punch Drunk.
Sold out in LA!

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