Keeping Portland Portland

This weekend it was a great honor to provide lighting for Darcelle XV Showplaces Drive in Drag show!

What a great time with a great show! Almost 200 cars per show parked twice daily to take in the festivities featuring the fabulous Darcelle, who is 90 years old and still strutting her stuff as the oldest working queen in the world. While drive in shows are a bit of a novelty that we really want to see vanish in exchange for a return of indoor entertainment, for the time being it is the absolute safest way for any of us to enjoy the live entertainment that has been missing from our lives for far too long.

This weekend was a great reminder that it’s not just live music and your favorite rock bands or DJ’s that have been missing from our lives. There are so many more formats and genres of live entertainment that have been missing this past year that unless they were your favorite it’s easy to forget. I should note that this particular show was not a big show in terms of lighting. Sometimes you don’t need to break the bank with 100+ moving fixtures because at the end of the day it is the content of the show that counts. The energy level, the excitement, and the sheer joy the this event brought to the fans who attended was truly touching. We were thrilled to be apart of this incredible production! Thanks Treadway Events & Entertainment for having us down and thanks Portland for keeping it so… Portland!

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