The Joule Case P1200 is a portable power pack designed to eliminate the need for generators in the field. Perfect for site lighting applications or any situation where long cable runs aren't a possibility. Joule Case modular battery solutions scale to any power needs. Couple with up to (8) modular battery packs; Joule portable battery modules are a fantastic solution for any event requiring power on the go.


The Joule Case P1200 Control Module sports the following features:

Rated Power: 1000w
Peak Rating (10s): 2000w
Voltage: 100-120 VAC
Charger: 110v Input. 12v Output. 200w rating
Weight: 8lbs
Dimensions: 9.8″x13.8″x3″

Joule Case P1200 Control Module available for rental. Contact us for pricing!

Joule Case P1200 Control Module

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