What do we need to control real devices? DMX outputs! This is where the grandMA3 onPC 8Port Node 4K comes into play. The nodes fulfill two different tasks: They convert Ethernet data to DMX and they can add parameters to your grandMA3 onPC system. So just download the grandMA3 onPC software, connect a grandMA3 onPC 8Port Node and you are ready to control your fixtures! The grandMA3 onPC 8Port Node 4k offers you eight DMX outputs on the rear panel. It is packaged in a 19"/1RU case - so it fits perfectly in your touring or installation rack. The node directly enables 4 096 parameters - the maximum for your grandMA3 onPC system! A few more facts? All grandMA3 onPC 8Port Nodes can handle MA-Net3, MA-Net2, sACN and Art-Net data. They are fully RDM compliant and have a 3.9" color display on the front for easy configuration and status overview. Especially useful for installations: You can also get the grandMA3 onPC 8Port Nodes as PoE (Power over Ethernet) variant! The configuration of your nodes can easily be done via the grandMA3 onPC software. And do not forget - the grandMA3 onPC software offers the same features as the larger consoles. So you get a small, compact and affordable control system without compromising on features for your show!
grandMA3 onPC 8Port Node 4k

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