Fuze Demo

Hey Seattle (and the PNW).

We’ve got a couple of demo units in of the new Elation Fuze Wash FR and the Elation Fuze Profile, as well as the lovely new Elation KL Par FC.

If you haven’t seen the Fuze line yet, they’re a phenomenal fully featured compact moving head from Elation’s top notch product development team. Ideal for smaller venues, corporate, and theater. The Fuze Profile is one of the smallest fixtures on the market to sport framing shutters. Additionally the Elation KL Par FC is an absolutely incredible Par fixture with a single source full color COB and interchangeable lenses. It’s an LED, but it’s just like a halogen par… but it’s LED!

If you want to come by and check either of these out (or if you’ve been treading your feet waiting on a fun time to swing by and say hi) make no further excuses. Feel free to reach out and setup a time.

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