The Elation FUZE WASH FR is an automated LED Fresnel wash fixture designed for theater, television, events and a wide array of other precision lighting applications. A High-CRI engine utilizes a 5-color homogenized LED array consisting of Red, Green, Blue, Mint, and Amber sources. The carefully tuned LEDs ensure accurate color reproduction while delivering a powerful output of up to 15,000 lumens and maximum CRI of 92. Virtual color temperature, Magenta / Green adjustment plus CMY emulation provide the designer with immediate access to the impressive LED color array. The Elation FUZE WASH FR is designed for any application where an automated Fresnel fixture with outstanding and impactful colors, a wide zoom range and framing beam control with a soft field is required. A wide array of gobos and prism overlays allow animating the sky, and with its incredible light intensity all CMY colors remain strong and vibrant even when fully saturated. Beam control is provided through a precise internal focus lens, providing crisp projection without optical errors. Dual variable frosts allow to soften the beam when required. A remote-controlled Expander lens allows widening the beam to approximately 3.5 degrees. The fixture is ideally suited for theme parks, cruise ships, outdoor special events, large scale shows and concerts, and any situation where a massive beam or very powerful prism and flower effects are required. With its compact size and low power consumption the Proteus Excalibur can be utilized in almost any application.


The Elation Fuze Wash FR sports the following features:

480W Full Spectrum RGBMA LED Engine
Up to 15,000 Total Lumen Fixture Output @ 6,500K
CRI up to 92
Internal 4-Blade Framing Module
Variable Frost and Iris for advanced beam control
Wide Zoom Range from 9° to 60°
Variable 16-bit Dimming Curve Modes
CMY Emulation
Virtual Color Correction
Green/Magenta Shift
Virtual Gel Swatch Book


480W 6,500K RGBMA (Red, Green, Blue, Mint, Amber) LED Engine
30,000 Hour Average LED Life


15,000 Total Lumen Fixture Output
CRI 92
Zoom Range 9° – 60° 
Beam Angle 8.2° – 50.3°
Field Angle 13° – 62.4°


Motorized Zoom
4 Rotating Full Blackout Framing Blades, +/- 60 Index
Variable Frost Filter
Variable 16-bit Dimming Curve Modes
High Speed Electronic Shutter and Strobe


RGBMA Color Array
CMY Emulation
Virtual Color Correction
Green/Magenta Shift
Virtual Gel Swatch Book


4 DMX Channel Modes (RGBMA 29 / 47) (CMY 27 / 43)
16-bit Pan, Tilt, and Dimming Control
DMX Adjustable LED Frequency
DMX, RDM Protocol Support
4 Button Touch Control Panel
Full Color 180° Reversible LCD Menu Display
Locking 5pin XLR Connector In/Out
Locking IP65 True1 Power Connector Power In/Out
USB Connection (Firmware Updates)
With Wired Digital Communication Network


Length: 16.06″ (408mm)
Width: 10.08″ (256mm)
Vertical Height: 26.74″ (679mm)
Weight: 62 lbs. (28.1kg)


AC 100-240V – 50/60Hz
Max Power Consumption 631W
14°F to 113°F (-10°C to 45°C)
BTU/hr (+/- 10%) 2151.71

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Elation Fuze Wash FR

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