The Elation Fuze Max Profile is a full spectrum automated LED framing fixture designed for theater, television and a wide array of other precision lighting applications. The 92 CRI engine utilizes an 800W 5-color homogenized LED array consisting of Red, Green, Blue, Mint, and Amber sources. The carefully tuned LEDs ensure accurate color reproduction and dynamic whites while delivering a powerful output of over 21,000 lumens. Virtual color temperature, Magenta / Green adjustment plus CMY emulation provide the designer with immediate access to the impressive LED color array. The Elation Fuze Max Profile is designed for any application where fully automated framing fixture with outstanding and compelling color range and quality is required. A rotating gobo wheel, fixed gobo wheel, animation wheel, dual frost, prism and iris round out its comprehensive feature set in this quiet and extremely powerful automated framing fixture.


The Elation Fuze Max Profile sports the following features:

Full Spectrum 800W RGBMA LED Engine
Precise dynamic whites from 2400 – 8500K
Instant color changes, Natural color transitions
Rich and intense primary colors
Rotating and Fixed Gobos plus Animation Wheel
Full Blackout Framing System
Iris, Prism, and Dual Frost
Wide Zoom Range from 7° to 53°
Large 140mm front aperture


800W 6,500K RGBMA LED Engine
30,000 Hour Average LED Life


21.000 Total Lumen Output
CRI 92
Zoom Range 7° – 53°
Beam Angle 6.6° – 50.3°
Field Angle 7.8° – 55°


Motorized Zoom
4 Rotating Full Blackout Framing Blades, +/- 60 Index
Motorized Zoom
4 Rotating Full Blackout Framing Blades, +/- 60° Index
Dual Variable Frost Filter (Medium/ Wash)
4 Facet Round, 4 Facet Linear Prism
Motorized Iris
Variable 16-bit Dimming Curve Modes
High Speed Electronic Shutter and Strobe


RGBMA Color Array
CMY Emulation
RGBMA Color Array
CMY Emulation
Virtual Color Correction
Green/Magenta Shift
Virtual Gel Swatch Book


1x 6 Rotating / Indexing Interchangeable Glass Gobos
1x 7 Fixed Interchangeable Glass Gobos
Animation Wheel


4 DMX Channel Modes (RGBMA 40/61) (CMY 38/57)
16-bit Pan, Tilt, and Dimming Control
DMX Adjustable LED Frequency
DMX, RDM, Art-NET, sACN Protocol Support
4 Button Touch Control Panel
Full Color 180° Reversible LCD Menu Display
16 Bit Resolution Adjustable Movement


5pin DMX In/Out
Locking Ethernet In/Out
True1 Locking Power Cable In


Length: 18.19” (462mm)
Width: 23.2″ (590mm)
Width with Snoot: 30.4″ (771mm)
Vertical Height: 28.3″ (719mm)
Vertical Heigh with Snoot: 30.4″ (771mm)
Weight: 73.4 lbs. (33.3kg)


AC 100-240V – 50/60Hz
1126W Max Power Consumption
14°F to 113°F (-10°C to 45°C)


Optional Snoot Accessory Upon Request

Elation Fuze Profile available for rental. Contact us for pricing!

Elation Fuze Max Profile

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