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Touring/Project Manager - Rachid Schultz

Project Manager - Davis Alexander

Logistics & Labor Coordination - Elizabeth

Warehouse - Claire

Kobayashi Maru - James McKenna

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Rental Inquiries Form

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Delivery or Customer Provided Transportation?
Delivery rates start at $500 for local Seattle area round-trip. Please note that we require most of our inventory to ship in their flight cases. Please plan accordingly when opting to provide your own transportation. Please note Customer Collecting and Customer Returning options only available M-F 9am-5pm.
R90 Lighting Provided Labor
Indicate whether or not you will be requiring labor for your event or if it is a dry rental. 1st lighting tech starts at $950 for 2x 5-Hour minimums (load in/load out).
Tell us what kind of lighting budget you are working with so that we can have an idea of the scope that we are working within.
Name which we will refer to the event internally and for reservation purposes.
Please enter the dates and delivery/collection times (if opting for R90 Lighting provided trucking). All rentals priced weekly. Rentals longer than 7 days subject to increased cost. No single day rates available.
Please enter the address and any additional information needed for delivery and pick up. Only fill this out if you are opting for R90 Lighting provided trucking.
Use this section to describe what you’re looking for. Go into as much detail as you’d like. The more information that we have at the onset of the discussion, the better equipped we will be to serve you.