Live music is one of those luxuries in life that we simply cannot do without. While it's true that no one goes home whistling the lighting, they do go to SEE a show. R90 Lighting is composed of an extremely talented group of designers and technicians who are embedded in the music scenes locally, nationally, and globally. Our concert lighting designs can be seen on tour around the globe or at your local music festival.

We specialize in mind-bending concert lighting designs supported logistically by a massively stocked inventory in our Seattle warehouse. We offer all of the major lighting consoles, the latest in-demand lighting fixtures, a wide variety of atmospherics and special FX, scalable IP rated video wall, and rigging. From in-house tour and festival lighting design and prep infrastructure to 24/7 on-call support, R90 Lighting is the one-stop-shop in the Pacific Northwest for your touring and festival lighting needs.

Our experienced designers have been at the forefront of numerous spectacular concert lighting designs for a vast number of live events in and around the nation. We specialize in our ability to scale our concert lighting designs to any size venue in order to meet your needs every time. No idea is too outrageous! If you can imagine it, we can light it.

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