The ChamSys Mq200 is a powerful console with enough playback real estate for even the most complex shows. The 34 physical playback controls are split into three different sections. Each section has separate page controls, enabling selection of different pages for different fixture types, e.g. generics, moving heads, led or video. With the powerful MagicQ operating system providing fast and efficient programming the MQ200 Pro enables the lighting designer to maximize the use of their lighting rig. Instantaneous control of playback parameters on any playback such as chase speed, FX size, FX speed, and Fade Times ensures swift response to events on stage. And should more playback faders be required for a particular show, just connect one or more MagicQ Playback Wings.


The ChamSys MQ200 sports the following features:

18 universes
9216 channels
Virtual unlimited shows
100BaseT Network
Fixture Library
Gel Library
FX Library
Tracking option
In-Build fixture editor
Visualizer support
Fixture morphing
Gel picker
Show merging

12″ touch screen
8 rotary encoders
202 buttons
Electronic labeling
Programmer buttons
3 Playback sections
100 Playback pages
202 Playbacks
34 Playback faders
2 Master faders
DBO button
Manual control section

5000 Cues
1000 Cue stacks
200 Groups
1024 Position palette entries
1024 Color palette entries
1024 Beam palette entries
1024 attribute palette entries
Split fade times
Individual fade times on any channel
Fanning of parameters and FX
Faders control FX speed and size
Intensity masters

Client/Server network architecture
Network access to file system
USB memory stick support
Input channels

3 Dimmable console lamps
Armrest with storage compartment
External keyboard and mouse
4 universes direct out
Ethernet hub
Extra monitor output

ChamSys MQ200 available for rental. Contact us for pricing!

Chamsys MQ200

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