The ChamSys MagicQ Maxi Wing is the top of the range MagicQ USB Wing for controling lighting, video and LED from your PC or Mac. The ChamSys MagicQ Maxi Wing has all the faders, buttons and encoders found on full MagicQ consoles to enable full programming and playback capability. The MagicQ PC Maxi Wing enables advanced show programming and playback through real faders, buttons and encoder wheels. The MagicQ PC Maxi Wing wing enables easy access to moving light parameters via the 8 rotary encoders, and live show control through the 10 playback faders and cue stack control buttons. In additional there are 4 fully patchable direct DMX outputs on the rear panel


The ChamSys Maxi Wing sports the following features:

  • 4 DMX Ports (64 via Artnet/ACN)
  • Wing requires Computer (All-In-One Touch Screen PCs Available)
  • PC Connection vis USB-B cable
  • 120v power supply
  • Does NOT function as an extra fader wing. For extra faders and flash buttons, please see the ChamSys Extra Wing instead.

ChamSys Maxi Wing available for rental. Contact us for pricing!

ChamSys Maxi Wing

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