The Absen VN 4.8mm Pro series is designed to build large LED displays quickly. The Absen VN series offers a completely integrated LED solution, with modules and a power box mounted directly on the sturdy frame for improved precision and lighter weight. Both modules and the power box support rear maintenance. Modules with different pixel pitches can apply to the same frame, bringing customers great cost-effectiveness by simply purchasing and replacing modules to adjust screen pixel pitches.
The Absen VN series features high brightness, high contrast ratio, high grayscale, and a high refresh rate. It can create a shining outdoor touring stage that indulges the audience in excitement. The built-in high-performance processing card also supports HDR10, module correction, and low latency.
A durable, large-sized locking system on the Absen VN series connects panels firmly so they are better suited for giant outdoor stages. The convenient large handle and the timely feedback mechanism deliver a better user experience with fast installation and time efficiency. The three different panel sizes of the Absen VN series can be flexibly connected.
Absen VN4.8 Pro

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